The Queen of Blood (The Queens of Renthia, #1) by Sarah Beth Durst

The Queen of Blood
Rating: 4.7 Stars
Succeeding Book: The Reluctant Queen (The Queens of Renthia, #2)

Don’t trust the fire, for it will burn you.
Don’t trust the ice, for it will freeze you.

Don’t trust the water, for it will drown you.

Don’t trust the air, for it will choke you.

Don’t trust the earth, for it will bury you.

Don’t trust the trees, for they will rip you, Rend you, tear you, kill you dead.

I started this book thinking that it might be a typical YA fantasy. Where the lead female and male characters love each other and save the world kind of YA. Well, I surely was mistaken, this story is definitely Delaina of Greytree’s and no one else. I like how the author inserted scenes that showed that women have the freedom to pursue their sexuality if you’re all for woman empowerment this is for you. Renthia’s countries are ruled by Queens, chosen by the spirits from a number of heirs and female because they have the affinity to control them. I thought that Deleina would be the typical powerful girl from the woods or some not expect origin who actually has immense power, but no, if anything Deleina’s power doesn’t fit with what the society of Aratay deem as strong and powerful. To them, she’s just so-so, but Delaina’s no wimp. This is what I like about the lead character, she’s relatable in a way she wasn’t born with this huge secret power and that no one thinks she can do it but she struggles, improvises and looks for a way for her to pass and succeed; and in the end that is what saves her.
It’s a fast read, there’s no dragging moments but not much world building but maybe in the next book?


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